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When it comes to the networking field, the CompTIA Network+ with its N10-007 exam is a commonly heard certification among professionals. Every year there are a large number of candidates who attempt to pass N10-007 exam and become competent professionals in the industry. Here I hope to delve deeper into the details of N10-007exam and tell you how you can achieve excellent results.

Overview of N10-007 exam

N10-007 is considered as an entry-level certification test for networking professionals, hence there are no prerequisites to meet. However, CompTIA recommends having the CompTIA A+ certification along with 9-12 months of experience in networking support or IT administration. N10-007 is a 90-minute test comprising of 90 questions. The questions may be in performance-based, multiple-choice, and drag-and-drop format. You will be assessed on your knowledge in the following domains:

  • Network security, operations, and troubleshooting
  • Critical security concepts required to help networking professionals work with security practitioners
  • Typical service models and key cloud computing best practices
  • New virtualization techniques and hardware
  • Concepts required to maintain the network resiliency

Your performance will be evaluated on a scale of 100-900, and you will need a score of 720 or above to pass N10-007 exam.

Benefits of passing N10-007

As I mentioned earlier, you will able to receive the Network+ certification by CompTIA only by passing N10-007 test. Obtaining this credential attracts a range of opportunities and several benefits that will aid your future career. Some of these benefits include:

  • Access to a wide range of opportunities in the networking industry. Since the CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification, the qualification it gives is suitable for a broader range of jobs. This will definitely improve your chances of getting hired. Also, if you are someone who is looking to branch out to a different area or company, then a vendor-neutral certification will be ideal.
  • The Network+ certification has received the admiration from the world’s largest tech companies and organizations. A few of the companies that trust this certification include Apple, Canon, Intel, Dell, Ricoh, and Verizon. It simply shows that you can’t go wrong with a Network+ certification.
  • CompTIA engages in a lot of research on a consistent basis and interacts with leading organizations in the industry to better understand the requirements of the employers and know which skills are currently in demand. Through this knowledge, the company designs its certification programs in such a way that the content reflects the trends of the current market. Hence, with the Network+ certification, you can be confident about your skills and be more competitive.

How to nail N10-007 exam in one go?

N10-007 isn’t considered to be a difficult exam to pass, but you certainly won’t do yourself any good if you attempt the exam solely relying on your current level of knowledge. Time management, ability to work under exam pressure, and a proper strategy play important roles in preparing for N10-007 exam. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when preparing for N10-007:

  • Get the latest official study guide for the CompTIA Network+ certification. For information about the exam and/or as reference material the official study guide is a must-have. Quality study guides provide comprehensive explanations on the exam topics.
  • Practice until you feel confident about your knowledge. It’s always best to test yourself with all sorts of questions beforehand so that you won’t be taken by surprise at the exam. That’s where exam dumps can come in handy. These are the latest and most accurate practice questions and answers offered by previous exam takers Click Here ExamSnap, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection, etc. are some platforms that offer high-quality exam dumps.
  • While preparing for an exam brings in a lot of stress which causes your focus to drift away, actively participating in a study group dedicated to N10-007 can be an excellent motivational tool. Study groups and forums are a mine of useful tips and strategies you may want to adopt to clear your test.
  • N10-007 exam questions will also test your memory capacity. So, if you aren’t naturally skilled at memorizing, you could try taking notes (writing everything down will help you better retain information in the long term), creating flashcards, using mnemonics, and tabulating and/or graphically representing the content.
  • A few platforms like PrepAway have an exam simulator with which you can play your exam dump files. Through this, you’ll be able to interact with an interface similar to that of the actual exam. Practice over and over again, and soon enough the exam environment will start to feel like home. With the help of the feedback, you’ll get the ability to forecast the success of your test-taking strategies and keep track of areas that need improvement.


The CompTIA Network+ certification gives you a lot of flexibility in career development when compared to vendor-specific network certifications. Getting this credential will enable you to reach out for more opportunities and develop a better professional portfolio. N10-007 is the decider when it comes to your qualification, hence it is important that you have a productive preparation. Familiarize yourself with the exam format, practice and incorporate quality tools and materials. Identify your weaknesses and work on them to excel in your N10-007 exam. Good luck!

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