Best Mehndi Design Simple Photos

Best Mehndi designs images for girls mehndi is now available online and sometimes we call it Henna.  Mehendi is an important part of the life of women.

we know all girls love Mehndi & come to think about it, one reason why girls totally love the festival & wedding season is the chance to give off some beautiful Mehandi designs to others.

Mehandi is usually made from dry henna leaves and dried into powder form, applied on hands, body, and feet.

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Mehandi is an ancient form of body art that practiced in the East of Middle, India & Many other African parts for thousands of years. It is viewed as a woman’s practice so it has been indeed practiced by the men.

It is an old tradition of applying Henna on hands, and feet with beautiful designs. 

Henna was often most applied on the hands and feet. Henna was first applied as a means to cool down the body. Dot is applied on the palm of the hands and helps to cold the body. You can find the best Mehndi designs on our website. 

After the boring look of a single dot on the palm of a hand, early users of henna now add lines, circles & other shapes of designs.

Bail, Rakhsha Bandhan Best Mehndi Designs collection

Eventually, so, elaboration or convergence becomes too beautiful designs, such design now we see today. However in different cultures where the practice of Mehandi, has different styles looks, and ways of application development. There are fine good lines for designs of Pakistan & India.

There are the boldest beautiful shapes and best Mehndi designs of various parts, Henna patterns created related to the application pasted with goldenrods, plastic cones cover, plastic bottles with huge beautiful tips, syringes, toothpicks & other tools for henna designers developed to get the good job done & expressed themselves through the fun art of Mehandi designs.



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