Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are really special for all of us are not they? So why don’t you make your loved ones birthday more memorable and special that brings a big laugh at face of birthday guy/ girl. Wish your loved ones by using funny happy birthday wishes and quotes. Its just an amazing idea  to make your loved ones more laugh. Just use unique idea to fill colors at that special day of your loved ones.

Here i have a list of funny happy birthday wishes just pick any of them and send it your special person just to bring smile on face of that person.

Funny Birthday Wishes

1.“Happy birthday! Want to feel young and thin again? Let’s go hang out with a bunch of old and fat people.”

2.“Listen, I hate to be the one to do this, but you need to get your birthday habit under control. It’s been scientifically proven that too many birthdays will, in fact, kill you. So give it a rest will you?”

3.“Smile – today is your birthday. Be happy and remember that things could be worse. Just think about what you’ll be like in ten years – yikes!”

4.“You know what they say: it’s better to be over the hill than buried 6 feet underneath it. Happy birthday!”

5. “Congratulations on finally reaching the snapdragon phase of your life: one part of you has snapped, and the other part of you is dragging. Happy birthday!”

6. “Happy birthday! They say that age is just a number. Yea right – and jail is just a room!”

7.“Happy birthday! May you live to be so old, people start wondering if you’re the walking dead.”

8. “Congratulations! You only look one year older than you did on your last birthday.”

9. “Here’s to you on your birthday! May you live to be so old, you sincerely wish you were dead.”

10. “Happy birthday. I’m so sorry you’ve reached an age where pop culture marketers are no longer targeting you.”

11. “It’s a special day – your birthday! Let’s go out and celebrate you being one year closer to removing your age from your Facebook profile.”

12. “I wish you a very happy birthday! Just please remember to tell me how old you’re pretending to be, so we can keep up the charade.”

13. “Happy birthday to a person whose age now makes them cry even more than the day they came into this world.”

14. “Happy birthday to someone who is now taking drugs on their birthday for serious medical reasons.”

15. “On your birthday, remember this: age is only a number that represents how attractive, happy and able-bodied you are. Really, it’s nothing to get worked up over. Happy birthday!”

16. “On your birthday, remember this: age is only a number that represents how attractive, happy and able-bodied you are. Really, it’s nothing to get worked up over. Happy birthday!”

17. “I believe you forgot my birthday present last year. I’m returning the favor this year. I’m afraid a Happy Birthday is all you’re going to get.”

18.  “Happy summer birthday! Get out and enjoy it while you’re still young enough to not fall into the “high risk” category for heat stroke death.”

19. “Happy birthday! You’re how old? Oh man – that’s like, dead in dog years.”

20. “You know, I would be a whole lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. Happy birthday!”

21. “Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate the anniversary of your clever escape from the womb.”

22.  “Happy birthday! After seeing all the candles on your cake, I seriously hope that you topped off your fire insurance.”

23. “A “few” years ago, you were smart, handsome and young. Today, you’re just an old fart. Happy birthday!”

24. “Experts say that people lose their minds when they get old. What they forget to mention is that you really won’t miss it. Happy birthday!”

25. “Happy birthday weekend! You’re so lucky that you don’t have to endure an office birthday party.”

26. “Today, you turn 29! I promise to stop counting the years after this one. Happy birthday.”

27.  “I hope that your birthday is the best it can possibly be for someone who can barely function in society.”

28. “I hope your birthday is filled with happiness and joy. Oh, you’re spending it with your family? I’m sorry –truly.”

29. “It’s your birthday – let’s over-celebrate!”

30. “Happy birthday and congratulations on becoming that “old, weird” person at summer music festivals.”

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