Happy Birthday Poems

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As we know birthday is a special day for all of us. We make many preparations for this day to make it more memorable. A lots of arrangements are made for this beautiful event. Family members and friends give many gifts and wishes to birthday boy or girl to show love and care. Birthday poems, quotes, wallpapers and memes are used for to make birthday more special and cool.

Here i have collection of beautiful birthday poems. You can make your loved ones day very special by wishing him by these happy birthday poems

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Happy Birthday Poem For Boyfriendbeautiful birthday poem for him

A boyfriend just like you

I just want to let you know

You mean the world to me

Only a heart as dear as yours

Would give so unselfishly

The many things you have done

All the times that you were there

Help me know deep down inside

How much you really care

Even though i might not say

I appreciate all you do

Richly blessed is how i feel

Having a boyfriend just like you

Cute Birthday Poembeautiful birthday poems

It is your birthday

So enjoy your day

Make it special

In many which ways

Stay blessed and

Forget the rest

Happy birthday have a nice day

Happy Birthday Poem For Husband

best birthday poems for husbandHappy birthday to my husband

Who is the reason behind my smile

You are more precious than a diamond

And you make my life worthwhile

Meeting you was the best thing

That has ever happened to me

You were my prince

and now the king,

And forever will be

I will love you throughout my life

And in the hereafter too

Birthday Poem For Wifebirthday poems for wife

Love is a beautiful feeling,

For it is you, giving it,

My heart in never reeling,

For it is you, holding it.

Everyday has turned wonderful,

For they are spent with you my love,

And today is especially colourful,

For it is the birthday of my dove,


Cute Birthday Poem For Momcute birthday poems for mom

When i was young

I gave you handmade birthday

Cards that looked

Cheap and terrible.

You still accepted them

with love. On,

What a loving

mother you

have been.

Happy Birthday Mom


Famous Birthday Poemfamous birthday poem

Thinking of You and the

Good times we spent

Make me smile!

Happy Birthday to a friend

Who’s always close

to my heart


Funny Birthday Poems For Best Friendsfunny birthday poems for best friends

Happy birthday

to my sweet




would never end.


Funny Happy Birthday Poem

funny happy birthday poemI hope your birthday cake

Is as sweet as you

I hope that your birthday party

Is as cool as you

I hope that all your friends

Show you a good time

But when all the dust settles

You are all mine

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Poems For Best Friendshappy birthday poems for best friends

Have I told you yet..

How much you mean to me..

Have I told you yet..

About all the happiness you bring!

Have I told you yet..

That you mean the world to me!

Just in case I haven’t..

I want you know that..

You’re the best thing

That’s ever happened to me..

I love you


Happy Birthday Poemshappy birthday poems

My Friends Are Many,

Much More Than A Few,

But No One Measures Up,

To A Friend Like You.

Many Have My Back,

Hearts Loyal And True,

But No Body Comes Close,

To A Friend Like You.

I Am Good To My Friends,

The First To Come Through,

But I’ll Never Compare

To A Friend Like You.


Inspirational Poems Birthdayinspirational poems birthday

Happy Birthday

Little Mickey

Mouse, you have been a

very strong, from

the date of your

birth until now, I

love you and I am

so proud of you for

being who are you


My Birthday Poem

Sweet as chocolate

Textured like wine

You are precious

Friend of mine

Tangy as orange

As smooth as peach

The age of hundred

I want you to reach

Happy Birthday

Nature Birthday Poem

nature birthday poemYou are my celebration

My joy of every day

My smile in the morning

My laughter when we play

You are the cheer and comic

You love to sing and dance

You brighten up the world

With a sparkling grin and glance

I love you dear sweet daughter

Forever you are mine

I for you and you for me

Like two stars, we shine


Short Happy Birthday Poemshort happy birthday poems

Happy Birthday

So you’re turning 60,

What can I say,

You look pretty good,

Even with a touch of gray.

Your eyes are still blue,

You’re still kind and mellow,

Your smile is just as infectious,

Even if your teeth are yellow.

They say 60 is the new 50ish,

You say 60 is as good as gold,

But no matter how you glitter,

Your nuggets are still getting old.