Shadowverse Review

The first noteworthy thing about the game is its campaign where you will be able to learn different archetypes. There are total seven archetypes, for instance, bloodcraft, havencraft, forestcraft, and dragoncraft etc. In the game, you will be able to see and enjoy the exaggerated and larger than life characters, and each character has its own strengths and limitations.



Unfortunately, you will find the story of the game lackluster: it’s somewhere in between brilliant and worse – it’s just good. Well, the most interesting thing in the story is the narrative that encompasses all the characters in the game. The game is actually a card battle, and it is a sort of duel. The tier list can be used to find out the best characters.


Since this is a card game, you fight battles with the help of cards. At the start of every game, players will have three cards, and they will fight with the help of this. The players have the ability to summon different powers to themselves with the help of these cards. These summoned powerful creatures then try to reduce the power of the opponent to zero.

The most interesting thing in the battles is the process of evolving: when you have played three turns, you can evolve, which in turn will increase your strength to three points. Once, this is achieved, it remains a matter of choice how you use this strength.

Secondary Effects of Cards

Unlike many traditional card games, this is not a plain game; rather it has many secondary effects. The secondary effects of cards depend on which deck they belong to. Take, for instance, the shadowcraft archetype in which there is a card named Ghost Rider and this character has some special ability of Last Words. So when you are fighting and this Ghost Rider is killed, it will bestow a random power on any of your other characters. The shirt of this game can be purchased from Forward by Elyse Walker.

It is also worth mentioning that many of the spells of different cards are activated when you evolve in the game – and you can only evolve after you have played three turns – and it requires that you last for more than three turns.

Evolve Points

In the game, when you evolve, you are given the evolve points and the number of these evolve points depends on the turn that you take to evolve. For instance, if you evolve first, you will get two evolve points. On the other hand, the player who will evolve in the second place, he will get three evolve points. It is always better to evolve second because this one extra point can save you in different critical situations.

Apart from that, there are different things to do in the game: for instance, there are missions, arenas, crafting, creation as well as the destruction of cards.

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