The release of The Witcher in 2007 was a significant success, but the Witcher 2 finishes the job that was left undone in the previous part. As it is necessarily a sequel to the first part, but you will find it more like a high-rated blockbuster. Even when you play the first part of the game, you will realize even from the start that you are jumping into a serialized TV serial, and when you play the sequel – The Witcher 2 – you will be able to follow the plot just fine because the backstory will keep on providing you references throughout the course of the game. From the start, you will have to play the game carefully and consciously because what course you choose or what decisions you make will determine the further setting and story of the game.


Not only little things and action but the entire setting of the game will change because of your decision. You will find some references from the previous game which will connect and link you to the overall story, but nothing prominent. The world depicted in the game is cynical, profane, and also involves dark humor.

The humor in the game provides you some relief and catharsis from the heavy political settings, and continuous fight and dangerous imagery. The game features interesting language used in the form of dialogues, and many sex sense that you will find unique. The T-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog, use Sunfrog coupons to save on your order.


The entire story of Witcher 2 is really focused and follows the main plot, but you will also get lots of opportunities or other extracurricular activities that can distract you from the main plot. For instance, hunting and eradicating monsters, and it is much more interesting than the previous part. But, one thing is clear that the every act is centralized and is somehow connected to the main plot. Whether it is a village or a military camp, you will find many quests within easy reach. Many quests will just show themselves out of the blue when you stumble across them. There are many tutorials which guide you much about the basics of the game like alchemy. If you want to experience each and every aspect of the game, you will have to play it at least more than twice.

The main gameplay can run about 20 to 30 hours, but it can go much longer if you linger.


Combat in the Witcher 2 really demands some focus and skills. If you just want to go through the game, you can drop the difficulty to easy and save yourself from lots of pain. But those who are more acceptable of challenges, for them the battles are really gratifying ones. The victory in the game depends on maintaining your defense system and at the same time weakening the defense system of the opponents. If you keep on fighting with the sword, you also earn lots of points and your fighting capabilities keep on increasing. It’s not just about weapons, but you can also use the magic and spells which take the game to a whole new level. This game can be purchased from G2A, use g2a coupons to save.

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